Elbrus Red Fox SkyMarathon – just 14 km to the 5,642m summit. ©Elbrus Red Fox SkyMarathon

The Monte Rosa SkyMarathon, Europe’s highest race, is ready to join forces with the Elbrus Red Fox SkyMarathon, the highest race in Russia.

After the highly successful relaunch of the first skyrunning race in June last year to the summit of Monte Rosa at 4,554m, the organisers of both events are aiming to identify the fastest runners at altitude – and reward them with a commemorative trophy – and a series of benefits.

Heading for the highest point in Russia’s Caucasus mountains. ©Elbrus Red Fox SkyMarathon

The Elbrus Red Fox SkyMarathon reaches 5,642m altitude, the highest point in the Caucasus mountains. The course, over icy snow fields, is just 14 km long but delivers a punishing 3,292m vertical climb. The records stand at 3h24’ and 4h30’ for men and women respectively.

The event forms part of the week-long Red Fox Festival incorporating running, snow-shoeing and ski-mountaineering races from May 1-8, 2019. Since 2008 the Elbrus races have been in the international spotlight with race winners such Marco De Gasperi, Luis Alberto Hernando, Megan Kimmel and Karl Egloff, apart from the strong Russian champions. Some 500 competitors from 38 countries take part in the event.

5,642m – its a long way up to the summit of Mount Elbrus. ©Elbrus Red Fox SkyMarathon

The new “partnership” between the race organisers offers an “exchange” of top athletes, with reciprocal invitations to the events, including free entry, accommodation and travel benefits.

The winners of the Elbrus race will automatically be invited to the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon in Italy on June 22, 2019. The course is 35 km long over moraine, snow fields and glaciers with 3,500m vertical climb.

2018 Monte Rosa SkyMarathon winners, William Boffelli and Franco Collé. ©iancorless.com

The Sky Summit Trophy will be awarded to the man and woman with the fastest time of the sum of the two races.

If you want to be a part of this exciting high altitude skyrunning adventure and get a chance to race in the Elbrus Red Fox SkyMarathon on May 7, fill in this online form.

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