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Equipment worn from the start

Each athlete is directly responsible for their equipment during the race.
At the race start in Alagna, the following kit is required:

  • trail running shoes with snow gaiter (integrated or separate)


We suggest Micro Ghetta Nortec

  • thermal socks
  • long tights and long sleeved technical top or skialp suit

We suggest:

From the Indren cable car station

In the backpack each athlete must have:

  • micro crampons with at least 12 metal spikes distributed between toe and heel

We suggest Nortec Nordic or Nortec Trail

From the Indren cable car station, teams must be roped with:

  • UIAA 105 approved harness

We suggest Camp Alp Racing

  • UIAA 101 approved 8 mm diameter dynamic rope 10m long
  • UIAA 128 approved rope with two carabiners

We suggest Camp Kinetic

  • ski or cross country poles

Equipment carried in the backpack

The back pack must contain:

  • long sleeved hooded windproof jacket – giacche tecniche adatte al trail running con cappuccio integrato costruite con delle membrane aventi tecnologie certificate, come riportato da etichetta, di traspirabilità ed impermeabilità all’acqua. Vista l’imprevedibilità delle condizioni metereologiche in ambiente alpino sono obbligatorie giacche con valori di impermeabilità pari alle 20000 colonne d’acqua e traspirabilità RET < 6 con cucitura termosaldata

We suggest Jkt Reflective The Legend Man or Ultimate Direction Men’s Ultra Jacket V2

  • sunglasses
  • gloves

We suggest Nortec Guanti Tech

  • head gear
  • windproof over pants
  • thermal blanket

  • 1 lt hydration pack or bottle

We suggest Ultimate Direction Halo Vest