The new AMA VK2 course. ©Luciano Fochi – Fotografia di Montagna

Accompanying the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon on June 22 will be a new race, the AMA VK2, a double Vertical Kilometer® from Alagna Valsesia, 1,200m to Indren, 3,200m. (The new race replaces last year’s loop).

Building on the worldwide success of VK’s, (1,000m uphill races) this double VK ticks all the boxes, featuring just over 2,000m vertical climb over 11 km distance along trails, moraine and snow fields, reaching the old Indren ski-station.

The race is capped at 300 participants. Crampons and poles will be compulsory for all runners. Once across the finish-line, the descent is by cable car back to Alagna.

Tatiana Locatelli and Giuditta Turini in the 2018 Monte Rosa SkyMarathon. © / AMA

At the race start in Alagna, the following kit is required: trail running shoes with snow gaiters, thermal socks, long tights, long sleeved technical top, windproof vest or jacket with hood, sunglasses, gloves and headgear.

Registration will open on January 10, together with the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon entry registration. The early bird entry cost for the AMA VK2 is € 40 until January 31, after which the standard € 50 fee kicks in. The fee includes the cable car descent ticket and the pasta party.

Don’t miss the chance to enter the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon and the brand-new AMA VK2. January 10, 2019 is the date for your diary.

Race details