Individual time trial from July 5 to September 5, 2020.

A double Vertical Kilometer® from Alagna Valsesia to Indren Station, 3,260m – 9 km and 2,086m vertical climb

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AMA ASD, in collaboration with For Skyrunner Associates (FSA), following the cancellation of the AMA VK2 official race scheduled for June 20, 2020, promote excursions on the course from July 5 to September 5, 2020 with the following indications and options.

The course will not be manned but will be accessible for individual training sessions. From July 5 to September 5, timed trials will be registered for athletes who must be in possession of insurance for training (available below). The start and finish will be displayed on the official GPX track.


Participants wishing to take part by sharing their performance in safety should follow the following procedure:

  • Register with their data AMA VK2 CRONO online form
  • Confirm to be in possession of personal insurance
  • Download the GPX for the ascent on their device


  • Annual insurance for racing and training available here for €12 (Europe only)
  • Acquire the #MYSKYRACE plan which provides a personalised finish time and calorie consumption estimate. The plan is free to participants registered in the AMA VK2 and the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon 2020, or at a cost of €5 for new participants


  • Send the GPX registration and the finish time to:
  • Receive official confirmation of participation and insertion on the list of participants
  • Publication of the #MYSKYRACE estimate for those who subscribed
  • Participation in the final prize draw


The course starts and finishes in Alagna Valsesia, 1,192m. It passes by the Bocchetta delle Pisse, 2,396m and summits at the Indren cable car station, 3,260m for a distance of 9 km and a total 2,086m vertical climb.

The course is on mountain trails summiting at 3,260m and includes demanding uphill sections, exposed areas, steep pastures, scree and snow fields, possibly subject to severe environmental and weather conditions. A high level of physical preparation is required, high altitude mountaineering experience, knowledge of the risks of the terrain and the ability to manage eventual sudden changes such as strong winds and below zero temperatures.
Respect of the environment is among the principal requirements of this high altitude course.

The course must be followed on sight as variation of the GPX reading may occur in areas with snow.

The flag marking the starting point in Grober Square

The finish at Indren Station at 3,260m


Trail running shoes with snow gaiters, thermal socks, long tights, technical top, windproof jacket with hood, sunglasses, gloves and head gear. Metal micro crampons should be carried. The use of ski poles is recommended together with water bottles or a 1lt hydration pack.


There are no time limits or cut-off times. Indications for safety:

  • Bocchetta delle Pisse, 2,396m: 2h30′
  • Indren Station, (finish) 3,260m: 4h30′

To descend to Alagna with the cable car, it is necessary to cross a stretch of glacier without hazards. Micro crampons are recommended.


Participation in the AMA VK2 CRONO time trial is open, under each participant’s personal responsibility and commitment to adopt the indications of the official regulations, equipment and clothing during the ascent and for the descent on foot or with the cable car.

It is recommended to follow health regulations such as wearing a mask or other indications as set by the regulations in force at the time, such as when in direct contact with others and/or access to closed areas or the cable car.

AMA ASD declines any responsibility for incidents or conduct not conforming to the regulations indicated, on the part of participants or third parties on the unmanned course.

The execution of the performance is intended as strictly personal, in full autonomy and respect of the current regulations. Every participant is responsible for their actions and conduct as on any excursion in the mountains not marked as an official race.