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The fourth edition of the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon Europe’s highest race – is ready to kick off again on June 25, 2022, on the mountain that bears its name. Today, the organisers are pleased to announce their partners in thanks for their valued support.

Athletes from 25 nations will take part in the events – the iconic race to the summit of Monte Rosa at 4,554m which celebrates the birth of skyrunning exactly 30 years ago.

“Just” 35 km long with an incredible 7,000m ascent and descent it features all the elements that embody this unique sport: high altitude, steep and technical, fast and light across glaciers and snow fields

The AMA VK2, a double Vertical Kilometer® completes the day’s events climbing 9 km uphill only to 3,260m to the snow line altitude.

The Monte Rosa SkyMarathon represents the soul of skyrunning, which thanks to its technicality and variable mountain environment, is also a model that inspires – a dream for many outdoor running fans,” comments Marco De Gasperi, Category Manager of SCARPA, Italian leader in mountain footwear. The company, for the second year, is supporting the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon, since De Gasperi took on this role which began the growth process in mountain running footwear. “In 1993, at the age of 16, I raced here, marking the start of an uninterrupted career which still recognises the great symbolic value of this gruelling event,” he concluded.
New models from the SCARPA line will be awarded as prizes in various categories.

After last year’s entry, Italian company NORTEC has stepped up alongside SCARPA to present their indispensable product – micro crampons – a compulsory piece of equipment for running on snow and ice. They will also award micro crampons to the winning teams for their high altitude skyrunning training and racing. Maurizio Ragonese, NORTEC CEO, had this to say: “We’re really happy to have renewed our partnership with the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon. The technical aspects of the race that takes athletes to the summit with 3,500m ascent perfectly embodies our company’s mission and our products. Our aim is to help the athletes win this huge challenge – in complete safety. We have three teams at the start who have all the cards in place for a great result!

Again with us, BUFF®, the original multifunctional headwear brand from Spain, will provide a unique, BUFF® headband featuring an artistic design of the Monte Rosa mountain in all its glory. Marco Quaranta, representative for BUFF® Italy, stated, “Buff has supported skyrunning over the years and most recently, the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon since its relaunch in 2018. I’m pleased to say all the participants of the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon and the AMA VK2 will receive this specially designed headband in their race bags.”

With their passionate support, we once again welcome back Cimberio the Italian company, world leader of brass components and valves for domestic and commercial systems, whose mission is based on values that extend to sport, social issues and the local mountains and mountaineers of Alagna.

New partner of the events, Daniele Guidi, Quality & Sustainability Manager of Guidi Srl which produces accessories for sailing, commented, “We’re very pleased to support the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon for the first time, a high profile sports event which contributes to promoting the territory to which we are tied at an international level.
Our mountains are an extraordinary heritage to protect and promote. Durability and resistance are also characterised in our products – solid as a rock. We feel a part of this privileged context, where business and nature live in harmony.”

The organising committee, AMA Asd, is pleased to include the following sponsors: NAMED, Sais Compensati, Julbo, Torracccia del Piantavigna, i-exe, AONIJIE, BOOM and to count once more on their institutional partners who complete the enormous support the event has achieved: Piedmont Region, Vercelli Province, Alagna Valsesia, Gressoney la Trinité and Borgosesia Councils, Monterosa 2000 SpA and Consorzio Monte Rosa Valsesia.

Together with all our partners, we’re looking forward to rekindling the legend which will come alive again on June 25, 2022.

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