The race is scheduled for Saturday, June 17, 2023.

In case of bad weather, the race will take place on Sunday. In the event of a postponement, athletes will be advised via email and on site. The race director’s decision is final and may decide to postpone the race, to cancel it or decide on a shorter version. In the event an athlete is unable to race due to postponement, the entry fee will not be reimbursed.


A maximum of 250 teams of two are accepted. The number may vary depending on the conditions on the mountain and the final decision of the race director.
Entries will open from January 10, 2023 till March 31.

Confirmation of acceptance is based on the CV and closed when the quota is reached. In case the quota is reached, teams that entered earlier will be selected first.
Excess qualified teams will be placed on a waiting list and included in case of cancellations.


€150 per person – entry and race bag



In case of cancellation by April 30 a 50% reimbursement will be available. After April 30, cancellations for health reasons may be postponed to next edition.


MONTE ROSA SKYMARATHON – 4554m – Teams of two
Distance 35 km. Vertical climb 7,000m +/-

The course retraces the original route first completed in 1993 from Alagna Valsesia, 1,192m, via the Bocchetta delle Pisse, 2,396m, to the Indren cable car station at 3,260m. It continues towards the Gnifetti Hut, 3,647m, Colle del Lys, 4,250m, to summit at the Margherita Hut, 4,554m returning by the same course to Alagna.
The route ascends and descends along paths, ski runs and across glaciers in a loop for a total distance of 35 km and 3,490m vertical climb.

The course is on mountain trails with demanding uphill and downhill sections, over snow fields, glaciers with crevasses, exposed areas, steep pastures and scree, possibly subject to severe environmental and weather conditions, summiting at 4,554m. Apart from the Alagna Ski area in the Piedmont Region, from Indren, the course crosses into Gressoney-La-Trinité in the Aosta Valley until Colle del Lys. From here, it’s on Swiss territory up to the summit and the Margherita Hut in Italy.
A high level of physical preparation is required, high altitude mountaineering experience, knowledge of the risks of the terrain and the ability to manage eventual sudden changes such as strong winds and below zero temperatures.
The respect of the environment and solidarity towards other competitors are among the principal requirements of this high altitude race.
Throwing trash outside the aid stations is subject to a penalty of 3’ to 20’ or disqualification in more serious cases.
Assistance from outsiders is allowed only within an area of +/- 100m of the aid stations.
The route is marked with flags and tape and/or coloured posts. Other signage may be communicated at the briefing and/or on race day. The signage must be followed on sight before the snow fields and on the exact course in the snow and on the glacier, subject disqualification.


The race is reserved for teams of athletes with mountaineering experience.
Every athlete must complete the online form and supply a brief CV attesting to races completed and high altitude mountain experience.

Athletes aged between 18 and 70 are admitted. They must be in possession of a medical certificate attesting to their racing ability. They must demonstrate mountaineering and/or ski mountaineering experience and/or their skyrunning CV which must include at least one SkyMarathon in the Alps.
Each single athlete’s CV determines the assessment or exclusion of the team. Entry requests without a CV will not be accepted.
Each athlete will receive a bib which must be visible at all times.
A timing chip is provided together with the bib which will be checked at the start together with the mandatory equipment.
It is mandatory for the team to rope up at the Indren cable car station with harnesses and micro crampons (see equipment list).
Marshals at the cut-off check points have the faculty to decide if an athlete is not fit to continue the race in which case, to collect the bib and determine the return to the finish line.
It is NOT permitted to continue the race without the bib. In case of dropping out, the athlete must advise a marshal at the nearest CP, keeping the bib for access to the cable car.
Rescue service is provided in collaboration with the National Mountain Rescue Service and the Guardia di Finanza.


Each athlete is directly responsible for their equipment during the race.
At the race start in Alagna, the following kit is required: trail running shoes with snow gaiter, thermal socks, long tights, long sleeved technical top, windproof jacket with hood, sun glasses, gloves and head gear.
It may be necessary to carry and use micro crampons from Alagna depending on the snow conditions.*
Head lamp is required.

Check the equipment details

From the Indren cable car station, teams must be roped with: UIAA 105 approved harness, UIAA 101 approved 8 mm diameter dynamic rope 10m long, UIAA 128 approved rope with two carabiners, micro metal crampons must be worn and ski or cross country poles must be carried.

The back pack must contain: windproof over pants, long sleeved jacket and thermal blanket, 1 lt hydration pack or bottle.
Poles must be used for the entire race.
Equipment will be checked at the race start, at the Indren cable car station and at the finish. Race staff may check the equipment at any time during the race.
Improper use of the equipment, ropes, micro crampons or whatever action that may prejudice the safety of the team or other race participants will mean immediate disqualification of the team.
Any claims must be presented to the Organising Committee within 15’ after finishing in writing and accompanied by a €20 deposit. The decision of the Jury is final.

UIAA Safety Standards

* It will not be possible to collect the backpack at Indren, nor to receive it from external aid.



10.00 Race office opening
Registration, bib and race bag pick up
18.00 Compulsory Briefing
19.00 Race office closure


5.30 Race start
10.00 Arrival of first athletes
Podium ceremony after top three men and women
11.00 Flower ceremony – Piazza Grober
15.00 Prize giving ceremony – Piazza Grober

NB: In case of changes in the programme no refund is available.



  • Stafal ticket office (Gressoney) opens at 5.15am
  • Alagna ticket office opens at 5.00am
  • Lifts open Stafal (Gressoney) and Alagna to the public at 05.30am
  • Lifts working all day no stop on the entire Alagna-Punta Indren section

From the opening of the lifts until 9.00am, 30% discount on the following return tickets (valid during the day):

  • Stafal-Indren
  • Alagna-Indren
  • Alagna-Passo dei Salati
  • Alagna – Pianalunga


There are five cut-off points, four on the ascent and one on the descent.

• Indren (CP1): 3h
• Rifugio Gnifetti (CP2): 4h30’
• Colle del Lys (CP3): 5h30′
• Capanna Margherita (CP4): 6h30′
• Maximum time limit to Indren station: 7h30’ (return by cable car)
• Overall time limit: 9h


In case of unexpected bad weather or incidents, all teams may be stopped at any point of the course. Athletes must go back to the start either on the race course or via huts and cable car.


Two aid stations will be set up along the course with liquid and solid supplies:
• Bocchetta delle Pisse (2,396m)
• (CP1) Indren cable car station (3,260m)
• At (CP3) Colle del Lys (4,250m) and (CP4) Margherita Hut (4,554m) emergency tents, liquids and energy bars/gels will be available.

External aids are allowed only at aid stations and can include only food and beverages, not equipment. External aids are allowed only until CP3 Colle del Lys, while only race personnel can access CP4 Margherita Hut.


Two results categories are recognised: overall MALE and overall FEMALE.
Mixed gender teams are scored in the male category.
It will not be possible to continue wearing the bib. If the cut-off times above Indren are not met, the time at the highest point reached will be registered in the final race results.

In case of deteriorating weather conditions during the race, the race director may decide to descend from the summit towards the ascending athletes who must immediately return to the finish line in Alagna. Also in this case, the results will be based on the highest point reached.


Cash prizes are reserved for the first five teams with the following breakdown: € 2000 – 1200 – 800. Total prize purse: €8,000.

Male and female winner couples may also receive other prizes offered by our sponsors.


Race entry signifies the unconditional acceptance of the regulations as set out by the Race Director.
Personal insurance is mandatory.
Athletes without a federal license insurance that do not include this type of race are obliged to take out a license for insurance.

The athlete must check if the insurance he/she has includes this type of races.

Athletes without a federal license insurance that do not include this type of race are obliged to take out a license for insurance. Athletes must check if their insurance includes this type of race. An option for foreign athletes can be found here.

The Race Committee declines any responsibility for eventual accidents caused by athletes’ conduct not conforming to the regulations or to third parties on the course for whatever reason or for others including spectators on or off the course.
For any points not specifically provided for in the present regulations, the general ISF rules will prevail:


Monte Rosa SkyMarathon received the Certified Course Label by the International Skyrunning Federation and is listed among the 2023 Certified Courses.

This SkyMarathon is one of the most technical certified by the ISF, reaching technical level 3+.

Parameters take into account for the technical evaluation are:

  • Average incline
  • Altitude
  • Distance
  • Terrain
  • Vertical climb
  • Technical features and/or use of specific equipment