Heading for the summit of the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon – at 4,554m, Europe’s highest race. ©@josemiguelmunoze

Looking forward to the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon – Europe’s highest race – the organisers are pleased to announce their partners for the events on June 15 and 16, 2024.

Since 1992 this iconic event has symbolized the essence of skyrunning, reaching Europe’s highest hut at 4,554m altitude with an overall distance of 35 km and a jaw-dropping 7,000m ascent and descent.

Celebrating the sixth edition since the relaunch in 2018, organisers, partners, athletes and fans are counting the days after the recent significant snowfalls for the thrill of racing in the most spectacular scenery for several years over snow fields and glacier.

With the indispensable support of Monterosa 2000, the cable car company based at the start of the course in Alagna Valsesia, Piedmont, Italy, the lifts operate summer and winter taking skiers and mountaineers to the highest point at 3,275m altitude.

Monterosa 2000, partner of the events. The lifts operate summer and winter taking skiers and mountaineers to 3,275m altitude. ©Monterosa 2000 SpA

Monterosa 2000 Director, Andrea Colla, comments, “We’re anxiously waiting for this important event, symbol of the Alagna community and our never-ending love of the mountain which will mark the start of the climbing season and to see us once more supporting the organisers.
This year, the 2024 edition will be characterised by abundant snow on the course, so we wish all participants a fantastic day of sport and friendship. See you at the start!”

The weekend’s programme kicks off with the two principal races on Saturday, June 15 – the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon and the AMA VK2, a double Vertical Kilometer®, while on Sunday, June 16, it’s the turn of the Monte Rosa Vertical, a classic Vertical Kilometer® introduced last year.

Mico Sport, Italian producer of technical products for outdoor sports performance is once more a welcome addition to the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon events. “We’re very pleased to stand by such a prestigious and long-standing race for the second time running,” said Giovanni SettiMico Sport board member. “Emotions are high and we’re counting on an unforgettable edition.”

Mico Sport is back offering technical performance based products for all three Monte Rosa events. ©@josemiguelmunoze

Mico Sport will supply their products in the athletes’ race bags across all three events. The Monte Rosa SkyMarathon participants will receive a highly technical vest studied to avoid the dispersion of body heat and at the same time offering extreme breathability and freedom of movement.

The VK2 race bags will offer a long-sleeved zip top designed for outdoor activities in a technical lightweight and breathable fabric.

Athletes competing in the short but steep Monte Rosa Vertical will receive a pair of Oxi-jet compression running socks which give energy and aid recovery in this uphill-only effort.

Returning to support the events is Guidi, Italian manufacturer of products for the nautical industry. Daniele GuidiQuality & Sustainability Manager, stated, “Founded in 1968, Guidi has always been distinguished for their research, development and communication, collaborating over the years with various sports activities including the Monte Rosa SkyMarathon which represents a prestigious and important event for Valsesia. Now, for the third year running, Guidi is partnering again, looking forward to passing a wonderful weekend sharing festivities and fatigue with the sports community that will be invading Alagna.”

From sea to sky, Guidi, a product manufacturer in the nautical industry, is again partnering the events. © Chiara Guglielmina

SCARPA, Italian leader in mountain and outdoor running footwear, is partnering with the race for the fourth year. Category Manager Marco De Gasperi had this to say: “The Monte Rosa SkyMarathon is an event that by default is among the world’s most unique high altitude races.
“The partnership with SCARPA is perfectly in tandem with the enduring bond between the mountain and performance. For this reason, this historic Italian brand wants to use their products at altitude: not only through their athletes competing in the race, but by offering a unique and very special experience to a number of international dealers and journalists on the glaciers of Monte Rosa.”

On the subject of snow and glaciers, NORTEC is also back with their indispensable product, micro crampons, a compulsory piece of equipment – also in the race rules – for competitors running on the upper stretches of the race.

SCARPA on board for the fourth year, takes their products to altitude. ©@josemiguelmunoze

A new partner supporting the events this year is WeRoad, a tour operator that organizes group road trips to more than 90 destinations around the world.

Adding to the celebrations, literally, are La Piemontina, producer of local wines, who will contribute with their products in the race bags and prizes. Then, in the race village corner, everyone will have the opportunity to taste the Italian wine Nebbiolo, Vespolina, Ghemme and much more.

Local media partner is Radio Valsesia who will entertain with live commentary and music.

The organising committee, AMA Asd is pleased to count once more on their institutional partnersPiedmont Region, Vercelli Province, the Alagna Valsesia and Gressoney la Trinité Councils and Consorzio Turistico Walser Monte Rosa Valsesia.

It’s a long way up and a long way down – 7,000m between the two. ©@josemiguelmunoze

Notably, the events also count the ISO Certificate for sustainable management of skyrunning sports events awarded last year. The environmental management standards are designed to help reduce environmental impact, reduce waste and be more sustainable.

Valuable support from important companies and institutional partners, together with the participation of hundreds of runners from 25 countries will assure yet another iconic event for Europe’s highest race – the Monte Rosa SkyMarathonJune 15-16, 2024.

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